Environmental Risk Management, Inc. (ENRISK) started in 1993 in McAllen, Texas.

ENRISK provides Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments services and environmental property transaction consulting to many lenders and developers in South Texas. ENRISK is on the vendor lists of many lenders, local to South Texas, statewide and national.

ENRISK professional personnel have conducted Phase I ESAs, Phase II assessments throughout South Texas.

ENRISK has acted as the environmental consultant for many underground fuel system removal operations and Leaking Petroleum Storage Tank (LPST) projects throughout South Texas.

ENRISK is experienced with management of LPST projects through the client’s insurance carrier.

ENRISK is registered with the Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists as a licensed Professional Geoscientists (PG) firm.

ENRISK has a Texas licensed Professional Geologists (PG) on staff.

ENRISK is registered with the TCEQ as a PST Corrective Action Specialist firm.

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